Brief Autobiographical Sketch

By Hillel ben David (Greg Killian)


Hillel ben David (Greg Killian) א


Birth date: Av 9, 5712, 5th day of Shabbat (Thursday, July 31, 1952)

Birth location: Redwood City, California USA

Citizenship: United States of America

Mother's Name: Frances Elizabeth Killian

Father's Name: Merle Francis Killian

Number of siblings: 7

Name of siblings: Bruce Alan, Gregory John, Robert Warren, Donald Brian, Michael Francis,

Sheila Mary, John Patrick, Thomas Joseph

Date of Marriage: Kislev 14, 5745 (December 8, 1984)

Wife's name: Marcia Lee (nee Combs)

Wife's birth date: Shevat 20, 5715, Shabbat (Saturday, February 12, 1955)

Number of children: 5

Names of children: Rachel Elizabeth Steinle (Kislev 4, 5735 - November 18, 1974)

Nicole Marie Baker (Shevat 23, 5736 - January 25, 1976)

Sarah Lee Baker (Av 11, 5740 - July 24, 1980)

Micah Jonah (Tevet 2, 5746, Shabbat Chanukah, December 14, 1985),

Lydia Eve (Nisan 28, 5747 - Monday, April 27, 1987)

From right to left: Micah, Lydia, Hillel, Batsheva


I attended Catholic schools, in Long Beach, California, until my third year of High School. Thereafter, I attended public schools. I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach California in June of 1970. I received my Associate of Science degree from Long Beach City College. I also attended California State University at Long Beach where I studied botany.


I attended the Catholic Church until 1971 when I began attending the First Brethren Church of Long Beach. After moving to Tacoma, I began attending the First Baptist Church of Lakewood, Washington. I attended a variety of evangelical Protestant churches until 1990. In 1990 I began meeting with several other like minded believers to begin returning to a Biblical lifestyle. In 1985, my mother, may she rest in peace, first told me that I was Jewish. She pointed out that even our name was Jewish as it was found in Ruth chapter 1. By 1990, I had a strong desire to return to the religion of my fathers. I continue to worship and study with others who know the Messiah. We follow the Orot Sefard Siddur (prayer book).


I have realized that I am not on the earth to see how much pleasure I can extract before I die. I was put here for a purpose. My name defines my mission. As I study Torah, teach Torah, and live Torah I am fulfilling my mission.


I am a Baal Teshuva (one who has returned to the ways of his ancestors), and my wife and son have formally converted to Judaism. We live as Jews, enjoying a kosher lifestyle. I also serve as Moreh at Bet Emunah Torah Institute. I earn my living as a Systems Programmer at Washington State Department of Transportation.


My family and I reside in Lacey, Washington. Our contact information is:


Greg Killian

1101 Surrey Trace SE

Tumwater, WA 98501

(360) 918-2905


My teacher is Hakham Dr. Yoseph ben Haggai.


Hakham Dr. Yosef ben Haggai and Paqid Hillel ben David


My Resume (CV) is available for perusal for those who wish to see what I have been doing for a living. For those who want to get a glimpse of my work environment (sans cube my cube is through the far door):



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This study was written by Hillel ben David

(Greg Killian).

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