Recommended Reading

By Rabbi Dr. Hillel ben David (Greg Killian)


This list of books represents some of the finest Torah study material, available in English. Many of the books include the Hebrew as well as English.






The Pentateuch

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch - Judaica Press

The Book of Our Heritage

Eliyahu Kitov - Feldheim Publishers

The ArtScroll Tanach Series:


    ...The Book of Esther

Rabbi Nosson Scherman / Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

    ...The Book of Ruth

Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

    ...Bereishis / Genesis

Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

    ...Vayikra / Leviticus

Rabbi Nosson Scherman / Rabbi Hersh Goldwurm

    ...Yechezkel / Ezekiel

Rabbi Moshe Eisemann


Rabbi Hersh Goldwurm

The Complete Artscroll Siddur

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

The Complete Artscroll Machzor:


    ...Rosh Hashanah

Rabbi Nosson Scherman


Rabbi Avie Gold


Rabbi Avie Gold


Rabbi Avie Gold

    ...Yom Kippur

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

The Jerusalem Bible

Harold Fisch - Koren Publishers Jerusalem

The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology I

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan - NCSY

The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology II

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan - NCSY

Understanding the Jewish Calendar

Rabbi Nathan Bushwick

The Living Torah

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan - Moznaim Publishing


Dr. Moshe Katz - Achdut Printing, Israel


Philip Blackman - Judaica Press

ArtScroll Mesorah Series:


    ...Insights in the Torah - Bereishis

Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin

    ...Insights in the Torah - Shemos

Rabbi Nosson Scherman / Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

    ...Insights in the Torah - Vayikra

Rabbi Nosson Scherman / Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

    ...Insights in the Torah - Bamidbar

Rabbi Nosson Scherman / Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

    ...Insights in the Torah - Devarim

Rabbi Nosson Scherman / Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

    ... Shabbos, The Sabbath -

   Its essence and Significance

Rabbi Shimon Finklelman

    ...The Haggadah

Rabbi Joseph Elias

  ...The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet

Rabbi Michael L. Munk

Guide to Blessings

Rabbi Naftali Hoffner - NCSY

The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning

Maurice Lamm - Jonathan David Publishers

The Odyssey of the Third Temple

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel - G.Israel Publications

From Bondage to Freedom

The Passover Haggadah

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

The Book of Jasher

Artisan Sales

Tanakh - The Holy Scriptures

The Jewish Publication Society

ArtScroll Series:


...Shabbos Stories

Rabbi Shimon Finkelman

...More Shabbos Stories

Rabbi Shimon Finkelman

The Stone Edition - Tanach

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

The Bird of Paradise

and Other Sabbath Stories

Steven M. Rosman

Josephus - Complete Works

William Whiston - Kregel Publications

Studying the Torah

A Guide to In-Depth Interpretation

Avigdor Bonchek

Ethics of the Fathers

Phillip Blackman - Judaica Press

Made in Heaven

A Jewish Wedding Guide

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan - Moznaim Publishing


George H. Schodde - Dolores Press

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols

Ellen Frankel / Betsy Platkin Teutsch -

Jason Aronson Inc.

Moses Maimonides

The Guide for the Perplexed

M. Friedlander - Dover Publications

Mishle of the Torah Anthology (Yalkut Me'am Lo'ez)

Haham Shmuel Yerushalmi (translated by Dr. Zvi Faier) and printed by Moznaim Publishing Corp


Edited and Translated by Rabbi A. J. Rosenberg, Published by Judaica Press

The Bible as Read and Preached In The Old Synagogue

Jacob Mann

Published by: KTAV Publishing House Inc., New York: 1971

Chumash With Targum Onkelos, Haftarot & Rashi's Commentary

By: A.M. Silberman & M. Rosebaum

Published by: Phillip Feldheim, New York: 1985

Kitzur Shulchan Oruch

Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried

The Metsudah Shulchan Aruch

Rabbi Avrohom Davis

The Midrash Says

R' Moshe Weissman (Benei Yakov Publ. 1983)




Most of these books can be obtained from Mesorah Publications. A free catalog can be obtained by calling: 1-800-MESORAH. Mesorah publications is also on the web at:



This study was written by

Rabbi Dr. Hillel ben David

(Greg Killian).

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